All Hail Vimpress!

December 21, 2008
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For the last week I’ve been using Drivel – a GNOME application for blogging from your desktop. The problem with using Drivel for a Wordpress blog is that it doesn’t support multiple categories or even tags! Luckily, I’ve found a nice alternative that integrated with my favorite text editor; Vimpress!

Vimpress supports categories and tags, as well as the ability to edit previous posts. My only quarry with Vim is that it doesn’t allow the deletion of older entries, for which I’m still forced to login to my Wordpress dashboard to do. The commands for Vimpress are:

Just a tip; Don’t touch the StrID ever. Wordpress will automatically assign you one when you send a new entry, so don’t worry yourself about it. Have fun, and happy blogging!

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