Urban Terror, a realistic, modern day FPS on the Eee PC 900

December 15, 2008
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Since I’ve owned my Eee PC 900 I’ve been trying to find a good game to play on it. Most games require a real graphics card, or more than 900 MHz of computing power, so getting an Eee PC to comfortably run these games is a chore. Games like Tremulous or Counter Strike: Source (through Wine) run, but only at about 10 FPS maximum. Being frustrated with this, I Googled for a few hours looking for a good Linux native FPS.

I eventually stumbled across Urban Terror, which I initially passed up because it looked too graphically harsh for my little Celeron M chip to handle; But I eventually tried it anyway. After doing a lot of reading I ended up creating my own configuration file (put that text in your autoexec.cfg file, should work for Windows UrT as well). Lo and behold, I ended up getting a very playable frame rate.

Now I just need to stop sucking at the game.

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