Mythlogic Callisto 1413 (Clevo W740SU) Review

September 8, 2013
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The last time I splurged on a laptop was back when the Intel Core 2 Duo was the newest CPU on the market. Nowadays, I tend to just use EeePCs or budget i3 laptops to get my work done. With graduation approaching and senior projects looming I decided I wanted something powerful, and it needed to be fully Linux compatible. After a bit of research I decided on the Clevo W740SU, also known as the Callisto 1413 sold by Mythlogic, the Galago Ultrapro sold by System76, the Zeus Hercules as sold by CyberpowerPC, and various other names from other resellers.

The Clevo W740SU comes packed with an Intel i7-4750HQ processor, which is paired with the integrated Iris Pro 5200 graphics solution. According to Intel the 5200 is “comparable” to the Nvidia GeForce 650M, but real world tests (from real reviewers who run real benchmarks) show that it’s more similar to it’s predecessor, the GeForce 640M. It also packs a FullHD 1080p IPS-like display that promises great viewing angles, and a ~52WH battery with differing battery claims; Mythlogic promises 5 hours, while System76 says 4.

I decided to order mine from Mythlogic as they seem to have the best warranty and the most customer satisfaction. I outfitted mine with a 480GB Crucial SSD, 16GB 1600MHz RAM, and Killer 1202-N WiFi. The total cost (after adding 3-year warranty and dead pixel protection) came out to $1750, which isn’t too expensive considering what a powerhouse the i7-4750HQ is.

So does the W740SU live up to expectations of being a slim, ultra-powerful but low profile laptop, or does it fall flat on its face?

The Pros

Subjective Points

The Cons

The Verdict

This would be the perfect laptop if it weren’t for the keyboard. It’s fast and powerful, very lightweight and portable with enough battery life to last an average session out (for me). It is easy to carry around and the build quality is sufficient enough. The keyboard turns this laptop from a must-have into a please-avoid, though. Hopefully the issue with the keyboard is only a problem with the initial production run, otherwise it will probably cannibalize the sales of this laptop. Clevo, just fix the keyboard and you’ll have yourself a killer laptop.


Suffice to say I was prepared to return the laptop but Mythlogic offered to fix the keyboard for me, and they have my laptop right now. I’ll update this post with what happens sometime this week.

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